Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Dr. David Serrano

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Dr. David Serrano
Mechanical Engineering
Department UPR Mayaguez

Dr. David Serrano, a faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the UPRM since 1988, received his BS at the UPRM in 1982 and his MS and ScD from MIT. His expertise is in Machine Design, Artificial Intelligence applications to Design, Computer Aided Engineering and Renewable Energy. He has supervised over 16 graduate students in research areas related to solar energy, energy harvesting, magnetic levitation, computer aided design, design automation, virtual reality, intelligent systems, optimization, axial flux permanent magnet hub motors, health monitoring and diagnostics. His research work has been awarded grants from NSF, ONR, EPSCoR, industry (P&W, InfoTech, GM, MagneticForce, TK Holdings) and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (PRIDCO, PR Department of Agriculture). Dr. Serrano is also the Director of the Special Projects Laboratory since 1991, where he supervises undergraduate design competition projects such as the Solar Powered Car, Solar Powered Boat, Formula SAE, AeroDesign, MiniBaja, Propane Challenge, SAE Walking Machine, and Human Powered Vehicles (HPV). For his work with student product development projects he has been awarded with the SAE Teetor Award (1994), the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile Duryea Award (1996) and the SAE Faculty Advisor Award (1997 and 2014). Student teams under his supervision develop Assistive Technology Equipment in the Capstone Design course InMe 4057 and have obtained several patents for their inventions. Dr. Serrano has obtained twice the Mechanical Engineering Productivity award (1990 and 1999), recipient of the Baxter Chair in Manufacturing (1991-1994), PRATP Recognition for Assistive Technology Projects (1995), Proyecto Puerto Rico Award by El Nuevo Dia (2009) and UPRM Distinguished Researcher Award (2014). Dr. Serrano has administrative experience at the UPRM where he has held the positions of Acting Director for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Dean for Engineering Research and Special Assistant to the Chancellor of UPRM for Research and Graduate Studies.